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  • We help our clients decipher the coded inputs of the market or what one can simply call as developing the insights
  • We help our clients decipher the coded inputs of the market or what one can simply call as developing the insights
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About Our Company

Our Vision

Pebbles & Sand has been nonpareil in transforming market research since its inception. Envisioned to provide meticulous research capabilities derived from the commingling of data research, proficient analytical insight and efficient technological advancements to leverage the business potential of clients.

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We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you,
your industry, your culture


What we stand for

Throughout our continuous evolution we have remained tightly tethered to our core values. Not only do we imbibe our philosophy in what we do. It continuously fuels our zeal to provide you with our best, treating your problems as our own.

Quantum of quality

That is very much the S.I unit our workmanship can be measured in. We believe quality is the only which if delivered qualifies one to take pride. Our growth in a market flooded with myriads of options avers to our commitment towards quality and providing services which provide much more than marginal advancements.

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To help the customers realize the business goal with the help of the risk management practices and in a 'best' way.


Data Quality

Data quality is fundamental. For, it is through the bricks of data a room for insight can be constructed which further builds the house of your knowledge. Inviting, success and progress. Flawed data can lead to futile study which can further result in flawed conclusions. While, mundane enumerations can only provide a growth through predictive and pedantic skill sets which will thus, be marginal. All this with cost and time efficiency, which adds more value to our services.


The last few decades have completely transformed the market dynamics. A market highly-susceptible to small changes, wide reach, and an all-industry focus to provide satisfactory client experience has made it difficult for large companies to manage all this along with cost-effectively scaling their business. With a specific research industry providing an information outburst to the clients coupled with a supernova of e-commerce giants has made the task even more difficult.

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We help our clients decipher the coded inputs of the market or what one can simply call as developing the insights.



With rapid technological advancements, technology has become an indispensable part of all the industries. Acting as a catalyst to accelerate innovation and progress while creating new opportunities.

Human Resource Consulting

Human resource consulting industry focuses on providing human resource management tasks and decisions. The industry focuses on assisting clients with solutions and their implementation to facilitate their growth.

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